How to easily migrate a
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to a new server/host. Step-by-Step guide.

Posted by george vakfaris on June 30, 2019

1. Old web hosting panel

Export MySQL Database

Sign in into old CPanel (or similar) and bring up the phpMyAdmin. Select the Database you need to export on the left tree and then go to Export Tab. Press Go and an .sql extension file with the joomla contents DB will be downloaded locally to your PC.

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Download Website files

Bring up the File Manager in your CPanel. There is usually a folder named public_html where all the joomla site files are placed. Compress this folder in a typical format eg. .zip and download also locally to PC.

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2. New web hosting panel

Create new MySQL Database

Sign in into new CPanel (or similar) and select MySQL Databases option. Create an empty DB. Write down the -DB name, -Username and -Password since you will need them later.

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Setup phpMyAdmin

Enter phpMyAdmin in the new host. Select on the left tree the new DB you just created. Then go to Import Tab and browse PC for the .sql file exported earlier, in File to Import section. Press "Upload" and the new you now have a copy of the old DB to the new server.

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Upload website files

Open up the File Manager and browse to public_html folder. Upload and extract here the files you compressed and downloaded previously. At this stage you have achieved to migrate the entire joomla website to the new server and host.

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Setup configuration.php file

In the public_html folder there is a file named configuration.php. Edit this and scroll to $DBname, $username and $password. Change the values with the ones chosen for the new DB. $host is mostly "localhost", so leave it as-is and if necessary ask your web host provider. Press "Save". You now have the website fully transferred.

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The process is similar either using CPanel or another web host panel. You will also find public folder with a different name like /httpdocs.

If necessary upgrade the PHP version in the new web host, to meet the Joomla website migrated requirements. You can find it into the CPANEL Menu.

NO NEED TO INSTALL PURE JOOMLA CMS INTO THE NEW SERVER. All kind of files are migrated and transferred with the procedure described.

In order to transfer files to the new server, you can alternative use an FTP software, eg. FILEZILLA.

The process is not same, but nevertheless similar when referring to other CMS like WORDPRESS, DRUPAL or so. There are significant differences but the core process is the same.

If you have programmed a pure html, css,, then you JUST have to upload the entire folder into the public_html folder in the new server. Include at the same path the index.php file as well. There is no more work to do in order to migrate it. So the process is quite straightforward and simple.

Text and images by george vakfaris.