The new version of fruits & vegs SCADA, Vplot2.5

for monitoring and logging processing lines parameters

Posted by george vakfaris on December 29, 2019

Following the first version of the SCADA application for monitoring, alarming and data logging of thermal heating processing for Fruits & Vegetables, the brand new version of Vplot 2.5 is released, bringing (changelog):


  • • Bug fixes in data exchanging plc-computer
  • • optimization of algorithm for belt speed calculation - it now calculates the speed online
  • • moved all calculation algorithms from PLC to PC, so it can be more fast and accurate in different types of data manipulating
  • • Easy expandable itself, or interconnected to other systems since it is web-based and implemented in Javascript and Python


  • • Dark mode / theme is now the new standard (light upon request)
  • • Alarms are displayed in modal / pop-up windows and self-clear upon clearance of the fault detected (manually clear only in service mode)
  • • New gauges from " (Great job done! So lets Fork for Canvas-gauges)
  • • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets


  • • Multiple machines can be simultaneously monitored and combined Alarms are trigered to start/stop and protect the entire line, apart from individual machinery
  • • Alarms settings are now set by User and can be saved into "recipies" for various products. In version 1.0 they were pre-adjusted and there was no option to change them "on the go".
  • • User friendly UI with clean overview
  • • STILL NO REMOTE CONTROL is permitted for safety reasons. ONLY administrator can enable it, but still need programmer assistance. It is a subject to safety rules that will be evaluated for risk assesment and might be released in later Version of the software


  • • Still exports automatically excel (*.csv) files with the data being logged. Now, the user can define the logging intervals period as desired. Manually download is also available

The system is again implemented for SIEMENS S7-1200 & 1500 series PLCs. It is designed using TIA PORTAL V.15 while the PC languages used in this version are

  • • HTML 5 for the UI (Using the Bootstrap v4.4.1 Front-end framework)
  • • Javacript, ajax and Python for data exchanging
  • • FBD and SCL for the PLC programming

Still no need for OPC server/client software usage, since it is taking advantage of the SIEMENS embedded Web Server and the User Defined Page - also a great system integration possibility.

The entire interface is Web app standard, so it can run in any modern web browser (tested on Chrome and Firefox already). NO NEED to locally install any kind of software. Just open your browser in the LAN connected PC and type the IP of the PLC. Thats more software needed.

An online demo of the NEW RELEASE can be found here

while the logging export file is similar to the older version

An Excel sample file can be found here

Text and images by george vakfaris.