Food processing, vibrator conveyor

for fruit foreign material removal, transportation and separation.

Posted by george vakfaris on August 24, 2017

The machine screen consists of two separate platforms. A sieving vibration screen for foreign materials and small sizes removal and a sixteen lanes transportation feeder, so the products onwards individually to each lane.

Vibratory shaker overview.

In stage-1, the product is feeded into the siever, where foreign materials, too small cutted pieces and other unwanted goods are removed. They drop from the holes onto the lower screen and then removed underneath the machine. At the same time, because of the vibration the product is spreaded on the screen, ready for delivering to the 16-lanes towards. The lower screen has two kind of openings. A wide one for materials removal and inlets for washing.

Lower screen for foreign materials removal. The openings are for rejection and water inlet.

In stage-2, the goods are individually forwarded to the 16-lanes to be feeded aligned to the next machine for further processing.

Shaking screen Top View.

The machine is totally Stainless Steel manufactured, for direct food contact combatibility. It is controlled by a PLC, which additional to the common operations, controls and monitors the frame vibration, to any direction and can even alarm/stop the machine in case of limits excheeding. This is optional and can be added to prevent machine damages in case of too high vibration or too low product feeding capacity. Start and stop are controlled with a Soft Starter for optimal acceleration/deceleration while screen is load free.

Text and images by george vakfaris.