Vibrator conveyor, FEA simulation

and results including vibration modal shapes.

Posted by george vakfaris on October 04, 2017

Following the post "Food processing, vibrator conveyor", on August 24 2017 with the description of an infeed shaker for sieving and spreading small sized fruits, hereunder is the dynamic analysis on modal frrequencies.

It consists of the force applied by the two vibrator motors on the screen chassis. It is made with Autodesk Fusion 360-Simulation-Modal frequencies option.

Stress analysis. Max applied force = 0.4171MPa.

What is also useful to check is the displacement of the various components, which among others (geometry, thickness, bondings etc) can define the material type used. You can test different Yield strength materials to achieve best strength and minimum weight ratio.

The maximum displacement is on top plates - as expected. The bottom plates which are rigid must therefore withstand the strain applied.

Hereunder are shown both stress, displacement results in animation mode.

Stress animation results. Total diplacement of the model.

You can view/download here the Study Report documentation.

Original post with vibrator shaker description and design are shown here .

Text and images and video by george vakfaris.